This morning, I had to cancel a DXpedition. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life. It was not for lack of permission, it was not for lack of a team and equipment willing to go.
The prospect of a P5 activation brings out the worst in this hobby. The posers, the nuts, the ill-informed and the opinionated. But in the end, it mostly came down to a surprising lack of support and lack of funding from some of the world’s paramount DX foundations when asked to fund grants to the world’s #1 Most Wanted Entity. (…)
Let me reiterate. We had permission. We had a team. We had all necessary equipment staged in Beijing. We had a venue in North Korea. We had flights and hotels to China and the DPRK confirmed.
What we did not have was the support of those we asked to remain quiet, nor the support of anyone we asked for help with funding.

Cet article montre la bonne ambiance qui semble régner dans le monde des DX-peditions: Lorsque l’on parle de P5, l’important est d’empêcher qu’un concurrent ne soit celui qui entrera dans l’histoire.

N6PSE, qui n’est pourtant pas un perdreau de l’année, en a fait la coûteuse expérience avec P5DX qui aurait dû commencer aujourd’hui.

Le pire c’est qu’il s’est depuis senti contraint de retirer l’article ci-dessus, sinon c’était le suicide social assuré.